More than 20 years of experience at your disposal

Let us tell you who is behind this project, our goal and our vision.


Comfort Transfer stems from the enthusiastic efforts of a team with more than twenty years of experience in the sector and the entrepreneurial will to make it all happen. We cover the complete lifecycle of a Transfer with innovative, easy-to-use and intuitive mechanisms. Simple, reliable and fast!

Our mission

Comfort Transfer innovates Transfer booking process, offering the additional feature of booking a mosaic of diverse services related to the geographical area where the transfer occurs. A single online platform takes care of all this. The 20+ years of experience gained by the team members guarantee the effective and efficient achievement of our mission.

Our vision

With Comfort Transfer the way you book a leisure or business trip radically changes, thanks to the availability of many additional services that can be personalized even in the smallest details. Take advantage of our innovative booking platform and, if necessary, contact our multilingual 24-hour call center service for any need.

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