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Comfort Transfer is a new platform dedicated to providing innovative services in the tourism and mobility sectors. Our new approach and vision policy aimed at improving the overall system, with a careful look at the future, without forgetting the centrality of the needs ofthe people who rely on us for transportation and more.

Comfort Transfer aims to continuously improve the services provided, always keeping as a reference 5 points: - "Comfort" - sustainability - savings - safety - simplicity. We want to integrate our systems/services, not only for those who travel, but also for those who live the daily life of our cities. Our goal is to facilitate reservations by improving the usability of the system and the quality of service while maintaining low costs, eliminating intermediaries and putting professionals from different sectors in direct contact. All of this without additional costs, choosing among partners who have made ethical, ecological and sustainable choices aimed at improving our society. Comfort Transfer guarantees maximum reliability and safety at the best price the market offers.

Comfort Transfer Srl 

PI: 157 9786100 

Registered office: Piazza Paolini 16 Popoli (PE)

Operational Headquarters: Piazza Aldo Moro, 6, Bitonto (BA)

CEO: Palmieri Emanuele Salvatore 

Partners: Emanuele Salvatore Palmieri and Orlando Taddeo

Established: 15/09/2020 

Incorporated on 15/09/2020 at the Notary Gianfranco Capocasale, 

Lungoporto Gramsci n. 77 – 00053, Civitavecchia (RM) 

Tel. 0766/380063 - Fax 0766/22769 

E-mail: [email protected] 

PEC: [email protected] 

Via Cesare Beccaria n.11 – 00196 Roma Tel: +39 06 94532530